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What is Ultra-Low Latency Streaming?

Low latency is becoming more important for live streaming now-a-days.
Events need the lowest possible delay in delivery,
such as online Q&A, voting, polling and more.

We have listened to you… developed… and we are ready to proudly announce:
Ultra-Low Latency Live streaming!
From the Live venue to the browser in just 2 seconds!

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What are the applications?

Award-shows with on-line voting
Corporate events with Q&A, Voting, Polling
Real-time audiance feedback at concerts
Gaming shows with real-time updates
Multiple synchronised streams
Second screen applications
Reporter remote screens

Which devices can view the ULL stream?

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Basically all devices can view the Ultra-Low Latency Streams
and is supported by these HTML5 browsers:
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge(*), Chromium on
Windows, Linux, MAC, Android and Safari on iPad iOS Platforms.

For iOS & AppleTV one can install our free SRT-ULL Player App

(*) Microsoft Edge currently has 3 seconds delay due to internal buffering.

How does it work?

Standard Livestreaming uses RTMP encoders and CDN providers to push the livestream to your browser. At each step the streams are buffered. A total delay around 25-50 seconds is normal.

Ultra-Low Latency streaming uses new technlology.
On the encoder side at the venue we use SRT encoders to push the Live stream with a SubSecond delay to the Broadcaststream ULL cloud servers for real-time transcoding and delivery. The last mile delivery protocol based on WebSockets delivers the Livestream also in SubSecond delay over HTTP/HTTPS to your browser or the iOS Apps.