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Ultra-Low Latency Playback Support

You need help to play the Live streams?

1. Check your internet.
For optimum playback a wired High Speed Internet connection is needed or a fast WiFi connection with good reception.
It is advised to turn off VPN services.

2. Background processes on Laptops / Desktops.
Make sure no CPU intensive tasks are running like video rendering, anti-virus scanning, other video players, copying files on the network, and more…

3. Browser support ULL (Ultra-Low Latency) video
Playing back Ultra Low Latency streams from are compatible with HTML5 browsers by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chromium on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and Safari on iPad iOS platforms.

4. SRT-ULL Player
General iOS browser HTML5 playback for Ultra-Low Latency Playback is not yet available. Therefore we provide a free SRT-ULL Player for iOS which is automatically opened on clicking Live streaming pages.
This player can also be installed on AppleTV for an ultimate experience of the event.

5. SRT-ULL Player supported protocols
Our free player can be used to playback multiple protocols:

  • H.264/AVC, VP8 and VP9 video.
  • H.265/HEVC in Safari.
  • ULL, SRT, RTMP streams.
  • AAC audio.
  • MP3 audio.
  • Adaptive bitrate (ABR) support with automatic renditions switch according to network conditions. Switch time is limited only by GOP size.
  • Synchronized playback in multiple players, browsers and devices.
  • Offset support for zap time decrease.
  • Delivery methods are HTTP and HTTPS on top of TCP which means you don't need any special network settings.
  • Please make sure the URL is filled in correctly
  • If you experience poor playback due to poor internet connection, try to raise the delay setting of the SRT-ULL player.

6. Still haven't found the solution? Ask a question.
Before contacting the organiser of the event which has shared support info:
  • Please try first to reboot your device.
  • Try a different computer or playback device to check if it is not related to your hardware.
  • If multiple devices do not playback the Live stream, please check your local internet connection, by switching to a wired connection if you are watching through WiFi.
Please describe all steps you have tried for a quick trouble shooting.
Feel free to use the Contact form for non-urgent issues or bug related issues.