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Your own subdomain for your event- Livestreaming - Slido Q&A / Polling integration - Webpage design - Secured access with code or password - Registration module (Q2 2020) - Payment module (Q2 2020)

We take care of your livestream:

Your own subdomain

Possibility to choose your own subdomain for your event

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Advanced Playback option

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30 Minutes rewind option

VOD -Video On Demand- option
Chapter marks for easy navigation

Recorded Livestreams can be viewed after the event
Chapter marks can be added for viewers to easily
jump to the parts they are interested for.


We integrate LUMI voting & Q&A into the Streaming webpage
Join the conversation - Ask Questions - Vote on the live polls

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SLIDO Q&A / Poll integration

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Live CountDown

Create excitement and add a countdown in the player

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Create excitement and add a countdown on the webpage


Company / Event background

Display a default image in the player when the stream is not active

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Watermark Option

Place your logo in one of the corners with PNG file

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Webpage design

Based on your own background, texts and logo's
we create a landing page for you.

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Multistreaming options

Reach a wider audience by streaming
to multiple platforms at the same time

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Advanced Live analytics

Advanced data allows you to analyze the success of your
content in great detail.making data into actionable insights.

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Viewers per country, city
Device type
Viewing time
Data consumption

Secured Login

Possibility to protect your Livestream with a Login page.
Try it out here: 3 possibilities: Code 1234


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Registration module (NEW!)

Possibility to register users for your events:
secure mySQL database
optional payment module
access to protected webpages
send emails to the registered users
SiteLok & SSL 2048bit protected webpages

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SSL security

Login module

Only registered users can login
Users can be grouped in levels
Gold, Silver, standard members

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User payments (Q2 2020)

To unlock webstreaming one can add payments.

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Streaming service possibilities:

1. We provide data to load into your encoder:

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2. Or we can provide professional streaming services onsite from one camera to multicam setups and dual PIP.

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